Small Groups are an opportunity for you to connect and grow your faith.

It is in these circles that your soul will be fed, burdens are shared, and your faith will be challenged.



WARP (Worshipers at Rock Prairie) - Led by Tom & Jan List - 765-210-9451 |

-They meet in the Oasis room during 2nd service (10:15am)

-Topic of study - 5 Biblical Purposes

CSI (Christ Seeking Investigators) - Led by Jeff Bunce - 765-453-5606 or 765-461-5699 (cell)

-Meets at 10:15 a.m. (during second service)

-Studies various topics - currently studying the Twelve Apostles from their selection to their deaths

Discipleship Class - Led by Curt Mendenhall - 765-437-8039 /

-They meet in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm

-Currently study - TBD

Jubilee Class - Led by Rick & Heather Webster - Rick- 765-376-6162 | Heather- 765-810-5723

-This class is an energetic group of senior saints that meet in the Jubilee classroom @ 6:00 pm

-Current Study - TBD

-The last Sunday of each month consists of singing hymns with pianist Patrick Wilson

Passion - Led by Jeff & Donna Stout - Donna- 765-620-1287 | Jeff- 765-620-8375

-We have passion to serve our Lord and Savior and to serve others. We meet every other Sunday evening at 3:30 pm in the Hearts Towards Home room. Our first meeting is September 16th.

-Current Study - TBD

Oasis Group - Led by Ron & Debbie Burnette - 765-438-1213

-Oasis Room @ 6:00 pm

-Current Study - Women of the Bible

Group with No Name :) - Led by Sam & Amy Friend - Sam- 765-860-2917 Amy- 765-438-8916

-They meet EVERY OTHER Sunday from 7:00-8:15pm.

-Current Study: TBD

Name To Be Determined - Led by David & Jessica Henry -

-Meets at 6 p.m. at Rock Prairie beginning September 9th.

-Current Study: 1 John


Men's Group - Led by Pastor Jerry Markins - 765-432-3163 |

-Meets in Jerry's office from 6:00 - 8:00 pm


Spectrum - Led by Pastor Jerry & Kim Markins and Nick & Christian Cox - Jerry- 765-432-3163

-Group is for people of ALL ages and marital status etc.

-They meet in the Lighthouse Room from 6:00-7:30pm

-They look at current events and ask "What does the Bible say about_____________?"

Men's Group - Led by Tom List and Bill Peters - Tom 765-210-9451 / Bill 765-438-0808

-Meets in Sanctuary from 8:00-10:00pm


Women of Rock Prairie - led by Jennifer Humrichous - 317-385-2357 and Monica Salsbery - 513-260-1559

-Meets from 9:15 - 11 a.m. in the Jubilee Classroom

-Current Study to begin September 12th " Idols of the Heart" by Elyse Fitzpatrick

Wednesday Bible Study - led by Jeff Bunce - 765-453-5606 or 765-461-5699 (cell)

-Meets at 4 p.m. in the Jubilee Classroom

-Currently studying the Twelve Apostles

PB & J (Prayer, Bible and Jesus) Led by Chris & Stacey Hickman 317-503-1767

- Please contact Chris for further information

Women's Bible Study - Led by Cris Harlow & Heather Webster - Cris 765-437-0300 | Heather 765-810-5723

-They meet at the home of Cris Harlow at 7:00pm - 903 Mill St. Tipton, IN

-Current Study: TBD

Across the Generations - Led by Bill & Vonda Peters - Bill- 765-438-0808 / Vonda - 765-860-6571

-Group is open to ALL people from ALL Generations.

-They meet every other Wednesday at the Peter's home, 4945 N. 550 W., Sharpsville

-Go deeper into sermons and will be studying New City Catechism when the series starts


Women of Faith - Led by Debbie Lange - 765-860-5893 |

-The Women of Faith small group was organized several years ago for the Rock Prairie widows. In the last few years, however, they've had several non-widows start attending who have a heart for our widowed ladies. The group of over 20 women gather together twice a month to study and talk about God's Word, break a little bread, make a craft or two, take a trip somewhere, and see to each other's needs-especially our widows. We have found that so often it's the widows who check on us and see to OUR needs! What strong, Godly examples and mentors they are!

This group usually meets every other Thursday at 5:00 pm. Frequently they change the date in order to do something special. They enjoy annual outings to the Gaither Restaurant in Alexandria and they attend plays at the Tipton Community Theatre. Sometimes they meet at church, the Tipton Park, and sometimes they meet at the Lange's home. Titus tells us to 'Honor widows' and we feel it a privilege to do just that.


Journey Men's Group - Led by Greg Summers - 765-860-4675 |

- Meets in the Oasis room at 6:00am

-Meets for sharing/accountability and a video Bible study

Walking Through the Word Together - Rick Webster & Heather Abrams - Rick- 765-376-6162 | Heather- 765-810-5723

-They meet at 7:00 pm on Friday nights at Rick and Heather Webster 's house, 1068 S 725 W, Goldsmith

-The evening begins with a potluck dinner followed by a Bible study at 7:30pm.


Committed (Young Married Small Group) - Led by Brady & Sam Peters - Brady 765-438-6101 | Sam 765-415-9009

-They meet at different members' homes - currently unsure of where and when...